24 Hour Trade Window

I’m currently dropping Kerryon Johnson in order to pick up TJ Yeldon. My goal is to package TJ Yeldon in a trade and reclaim Kerryon from the waivers tomorrow, so I have a 24 hour window to sell a trade. I’d love to trade our Barkley owner; guy’s 0-4 and has no depth. Thinking about trading Yeldon, Marvin Jones or Keelan Cole, and one more RB for Barkley. Wanting any opinions on how far you’d be willing to go to try and acquire Barkley here.

Here are our updated rosters after waivers have gone through.

Your RB depth is unbelievable. I’m not sure the person on the right knows what they are doing. Two D’s/Two K’s? If you really want Barkley, you definitely have the assets to make it happen. You’ve got lots of great players wasting away on your bench - I think you could go for a home run. Why not package Cook and Howard and try to go for Melvin Gordon or something?


Would you rather have Barkley or Gordon?

I just checked the owner with Melvin Gordon; he’s 2-2 (same record as me) but he also has no depth at RB or WR and just lost both Tyler Eifert and OJ Howard at TE to injuries, so a trade with him may also be possible.

I would honestly not shoot for Barkley and try and get Gordon, Gurley or even Bell.

Also, and I hope this doesn’t come back to haunt you, but how most leagues are set up is you cannot put a waiver claim on a player that you already dropped. Which means even if you have the #1 priority, that player has to clear waivers before you can grab them. Hopefully your league isn’t like this and you don’t lose out on Kerryon. However, if the rest of the league is anything like this other team, they may not even put a claim on Kerryon and you will be ok.

If I were you i would package basically any two rb you have for Gurley or Gordon, or any 1 (maybe 2) of your RB for Bell (if the Bell owner is struggling and needs to win now and can’t wait until week 8 or 9).

Regarding this specific team, I would do Yeldon + Cook + Cole for Barkley. Yeldon is a temporary start (could possibly be full time cuz i don’t trust fournette), Cook is still banged up and that offense seems like a pass first type, and Cole is preferred WR to get rid of.

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Gordon 100%.

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I do know that the Gordon owner does pay attention, and is more likely to check for consistency or, at the very least, weekly projections (I co-own a team with him in another money league). He’s being very hesitant with the offer but says he’ll think about it. If he declines, would you offer Yeldon, Howard, and Cole? How much would you be willing to trade for Melvin Gordon?

Yeldon, Howard, and Cole is not going to get it done. I might consider packaging Cook or Freeman with someone else?

I would absolutely do that but like @jholmes51 said I don’t think that will get it done. If the owner does take that deal you are dialed in.

@jholmes51 @Forty9Giants my thoughts were that Cook hasn’t exploded yet and Freeman hasn’t even played a game. Yeldon is currently the RB10 and Fournette is still out, and Howard is RB27 with his underwhelming performance last week. So what is the most you would offer in this case? How far would you be willing to go to compile a package to get Melvin Gordon?

With your team, I would be ok giving Yeldon + Howard/Cook/Freeman for Gordon.

I don’t think I would do two of Howard/Cook/Freeman but I would be willing to give up Yeldon to get Gordon since he is a temporary starter.

Do you have similar thoughts for Barkley or would you pull back on the trade?

Why don’t you try for both? You might be able to Yeldon/Cook/Howard/Jones plus Cole/Burton (since you have Reed) and divide into two different offers. Maybe even D Johnson if needed instead of another one of those listed. If you can land both Gordon & Barkley, yowza!

You can always add any of the million potential WR2s to fill that hole. Why not try it?