24 Hrs to trade deadline, is there a trade to be had here?

Our trade deadline is tomorrow at 9am. I’m looking at my team and while my runningbacks are good, I don’t have a lot of faith in my WRs besides Landry, and I’m weak at TE. My buddy is willing to trade, and said he would want Hunt or McCoy. I told him it would cost him a starting RB and starting WR in return. Looking at our two teams, is there anything you’d take from him for either Hunt or McCoy? Or would you stand firm and keep this team for playoff push? I’m currently in a five team tie for 3rd place, so thats interesting.

My thought would be Hunt or McCoy for Baldwin and McCafterty. Maybe I’d throw in JuJu for Greg Olsen as well, but dunno. Thoughts?
I’ve attached screenshots of both of our rosters, mine is the one with Alex Smith at QB.

My Team

bump, thoughts?

last chance at a bump before I move forward one way or another, any outside perspectives = much appreciated!

I would hold what you got. You’re fine at TE as Davis has been more than capable. I don’t love your WRs but if you could swing a trade for Evans of Allen without having to give up one of your top RBs I would do it in a heartbeat. I think you are weaker at WR than TE personally.

What about JuJu and Robby for Allen or Baldwin?

Problem is he really wants Hunt or McCoy so doubt he’d do that…

If you can pull that off do it. If not though I wouldn’t mind trading McCoy for Allen/Evans/Baldwin & McCaffrey. Since you have Gordon that really helps. But if he would take Gordon instead I would go that route.

We will see. I offered Gordon for Allen and Baldwin. Gives me room to counter with McCoy and up his expense if needed.

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