24 Team - 2 Keeper Startup. $75 [Leaguesafe]-[Myfantasyleague] - BreakoutFFL - Draft 1.01 open

Email me at CommCass@BreakoutFFL.com for an invite.

Draft Day - September 2nd, 7:00 pm EST
All NFL players may be owned by up to 2 separate teams
The league has about 1 spots left it’s the 1.01
This league collects dues at Leaguesafe.com

Startup league on Myfantasyleague.com hosted by BreakoutFFL.com

League Home Page - Check It Out
League Flyer Here

24 Team - 2 Keeper League - $75 Entry, All entries are collected by Leaguesafe.com
1st - 8th + Survivor Winner(s) Get Paid - Full Payouts on the League Flyer
$70 of your entry is for the fantasy league - $5 is for the Survivor Pool on the home page.
1QB, 2RB, 3WR ,1TE ,2Flex ,1PK , 1DST, 8 Bench, 1 Injured Reserve
QB,RB,WR,PK .5 (PPR) - TE 1 (PPR)
Draft Day - September 2nd, 7:00 pm EST

I will be giving away 2 signed pieces of gear during the draft. The 1st person to draft each of these players will win their authenticated signed gear. I love throwing Easter eggs in the league and these are STARS not 12th round picks. Also don’t worry these Do Not come out of the league pot… So i guess 2 people will get their moneys worth at the draft.

We are based in Central Florida but this league is for anybody who loves fantasy football. This is our new website so let’s fill it with Fantasy Freaks. Hopefully everybody who requests an invite is looking for a league they can be in for at least a few years. Be aware this league is not censored for children.

Leaguesafe.com collects payments through 9/18/18 but I need emails now.

Email me at CommCass@BreakoutFFL.com for an invite.

6 Spots left

4 Spots Left

1 Spot Remains… Dun Dun Dunnnn and it just so happens to be the 1.01 Draft Spot!!!