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24 team Large League Set Up


Ok, last year our work league was 14 teams. We have new hires, interns and more interest and want to get everyone involved. We can up with a good format, but I cannot find a site that will allow more than 20 teams. We would like to have (2) twelve team leagues.

We are going to do 2 leagues, an A and B league. Buy in for all teams is the same, but the payout rewards in League A is 2x greater than League B. It will be similar to English soccer where the top 4 teams from League B get promoted into League A and the bottom 4 in League A get relegated down. Each league will have their own pool of players and their own champion and their will NOT be a “grand champion” . It will be a redraft league

What would you suggestions be to get this league started. In both Yahoo and ESPN you can only create a 20 team league. Would you just to set up two completely separate 12 man leagues? That would result in 2 separate commissioners. Any suggestions?


Yep. That’s gonna be the easiest method. Two separate 12-person leagues. The setup you’re describing would result in two distinct leagues (no crossover of players), so there ultimately isn’t a need to keep everything as a single 24-team league.

Either site has a way to make your league publicly viewable (so the other 12 can see what’s going on in the other league), and setting up a google doc that tracks overall records, etc. won’t take too much time – it’ll take some manual upkeep, but that’ll depend how in-the-weeds you want to get with stat tracking. Payout/rewards are easy to log on a sheet like that too.


I’m interested if your league hasn’t been filled. Email me at ctm4288@gmail.com with an invite or any questions.