$25 12 team redraft league on Fleaflicker. 2 FLEX no kicker. Draft Monday 8/27 8:30 EDT u

As title suggests, modified Fleaflicker scoring with half PPR and no kickers. Harris endorses it, Ciely endorses it, its time to get rid of them. Played this way last year and it was way better, didn’t even miss them.

Bonus points for big plays (40 yds+) and 2 flex spots for a little more challenge/depth requirement.

Draft is Monday night after the Week 3 games. Snake format. Draft order will be randomized once full. Leave a message here or PM with email and I’ll send you the invites.

Prize Pool:
1st: 200
2nd: 50
3rd: 25 (I will subsidize this one out of pocket)

Currently 4 spots left.


would love to join!

How’s the money being handled



Are we on a talk around app?

What’s the link for leaguesafe