25 Points?

Do you think it’ll be more likely than not that Thielen, Carson, and Janikowski (kicker) will all get over 25 points??? I’m currently facing the #2 guy in my league, I’m #7.
Lol, who am I kidding… ofc they will…rip my season.

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Definitely possible

Yikes I feel your pain man. Sounds like you and me will both be watching our seasons slip away slowly tonight. I’m going against Russ and Rudolph. I’m the #2 though

25 points each? Not likely from a kicker. Thielen, sure he can do that. Carson against the Vikings, not the best match-up but it’s possible. Overall, I’d say it’s about a 20% chance, only because both Thielen and Carson could go over the 25 mark, then the rest is up to Janikowski…

Good luck!

No not 25 points each, if all three of them combined get 25+ points, then I’ll lose the match. Lol it seems that they will, and my season will be over rip

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I think it’s entirely possible. Thielen can blow up and have a huge game. Even though MN has a good DST, the volume of running they may attempt means that Carson in theory could do okay. Most likely touchdown dependent in this game.

Hell, man. I’m banking on Thielen putting up 25 himself.

I need Thielen + Bailey to score less than 20 + rudolph… basically just hoping a touchdown goes rudolphs way and its fairly low scoring