.25 PPC rule change

So last year we ran a .5 PPR and a .25 PPC league. Besides the fact that WR’s were down last year, the .25 PPC sent RB’s soaring in value over WR’s. Add this on top of the fact we run a 2 RB/3 WR team it was difficult to overcome a team who had a top RB…

I am the commish and have, for the moment, set our scoring to the most standard of 1/2 PPR leagues. Which means I have eliminated the .25 PPC.

Should this be a rule vote, or should it just be taken off because it is so unorthodox.

The disclaimer is this: last year was my first time being a commish and only my 2nd year of fantasy. I probably saw the .25 PPC on like 1 website and ran with it. It benefited me, but I realize how hard it was to beat a team with Bell, Hunt, TG3, etc. I’d like it to be more strategy and less of, grab 1 superstar RB and have the upper hand immediately.

So again, to vote, or abolish without vote??


I think scoring changes should really be a vote, i’d maybe just put it to the league as a vote and say you think the scoring format should change for the reasons you stated, especially if your league is 12 teams or more it makes it hard to compete if you don’t have a top RB or 2/3 of them. At the end of the day it’s fun to win but if it’s easy not so much, also guys without high RB talent could start to drop out if they get fed up.

I’m a first time dynasty commish as well, 12 team half point but that would be my approach

As a commish going on eight years, I do not think there has been three consecutive seasons of the same rules. There is always a slight tweak to everything and it seems to make it better each time. When making a scoring change I always tell people in my league what I think about changing and why I want to change it. I let them talk it out and then let them vote. Long story short, go with the voting style.