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.25 pt PPR Pick two: Anderson, Carson, Mixon


I feel like I’m in one of those, “whoever I leave on my bench will go off for 25 pts.” situations. It seems like the play is Carson Anderson, but I’ve just got a feeling Mixon is going to get a ton of carries in the second half. I’m at a loss… any thoughts would be appreciated!


I’m in a similar boat in choosing between carson and mixon. I’ve decided that if I start Mixon and he doesn’t blow up - I can live with that. But if I bench him and he goes in for three scores, I will be on full tilt. But in either case, I think both guys will put up good numbers of 15+.

So yeah uhhh, sorry for the non-answer lol.


Thanks for the feedback! It’s good to know I’m not the only person fighting this decision.


I may actually start both Carson City and Mixtape. Bit of a hot take.


LOL! Right?! That’s actually what’s driving the question! I can’t decide whether to sit Anderson or Mixon. I’ve got Carson locked in to perform at least passably. It’s Anderson I’m worried about…


I have LeVeon, Carson and Mixon. I’m also totally torn between Carson and Mixon. I’m going with Mixon for similar reasons. I would feel dumber having my 4th round pick blow up on my bench than I would having a waiver pickup do it. Add me to the non-useful response list. =P