2nd & 3rd pick with the 1.01

I am taking Bell with the 1.01 but after that I find myself struggling with my 2nd and 3rd pick. Is it worth drafting Gronk and another solid RB (Howard/McCoy/Mckinnon)… and then wait to draft a WR next pick in the highest tier left (Cooper/Tate/DT range) ???

Or should I take bell, and then go RB + WR… wr’s left are Green/Adams/Hilton/ Fitz

Please help! 10 man PPR league

Im in the same position in a 12 team PPR. Most of my mocks I’ve gone Gurley 1, Howard 2, then best available WR 3. In a 10 team if you can get Green as your WR1 and then get Tate/Marvin Jones/Landry/Cooper as your WR2 thats a great foundation.

The Gronk in the 3rd is very enticing, and if that is the way you wanna go id still go Green as your WR1. With that line up all your 1s have top 5 potential at their position.

When you pick at the turn, it’s totally fine to reach for players otherwise you have no shot at players in the middle positions. Having said that, I don’t think any of stuff you mentioned is a reach. I would personally go WR and Gronk.

Gronk to me is a 2nd round talent. I usually target him in the 3rd but given you’re at the turn, if he falls to you at the end of the 2nd, I would definitely take him. That is great value.

With your other pick, if AJ green is there, I would take him in a heart beat. Incredibly disrespectul and recency bias for someone who is easily a top 8 receiver in the league still. Green is very boom bust but having Bell/Gronk as your basis is more than enough to support AJ green as your WR1.

Would avoid all RBs in that range. I’m pretty high on Howard compared to others but I would still prefer Green who is in another tier for me. McCoy has too much risk and I am pretty confident McKinnon will be a bust. Either way, too much risk for me to invest a top 3 round pick in.

thank you for the replies, I appreciate it!

I was in the same spot. I took Gurley then grabbed up AJ Green and Devonta Freeman for my first three picks. Golden tate and Marshawn lynch rounded out my first 5 picks. I was pretty happy with that. 10 man .5 ppr

Absolutely Love this start. Probably would’ve done the next 2 picks differently but can’t hate on it either.

I had the same spot in a 12 team league and it worked out. I took Zeke just because I’m a fan and wanted him, then I got Gronk in the 2nd, I think Gronk late is a solid pick, and then reached a little for Thielen in the 3rd because all the receivers above him had been taken. On the next turn I was able to snag Tate and Lamar Miller which I felt were all a solid start.