2nd / 3rd Round Pick

Not loving my #2 pick on the turn based on how a lot of mocks are unfolding. What combo would you rather …2nd/3rd pick

Kittle/ lev Bell

Kittle / Chris Carson

Lev Bell / Chris Carson

I’d say it depends what your round 1 pick is. If it’s WR, then I’d go double RBs or your RB depth is going to hurt. The dropoff for RB quality hits fast. If you go RB round 1, then grabbing Kittle and either of those RBs is solid. You’ll still have time to grab quality WRs either way.

Gotta agree with @HungryIan, did my main league draft last night and the RB depth disappeared faster then the mocks had me prepared for, at least depth i was comfortable with.

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