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2nd and 3rd round pick decision in 10 team league


It’s a keeper league with only 1 keeper per team. My keeper is Pryor for a last round pick this year. I have 2nd overall so I’m going with Leveon but Im having tons of trouble with my 2nd and 3rd (19th and 22nd). I think i’m leaning towards one of Gurley or Fournette with the 2nd as I really think Crabtree and will be there in the 4th and Fitz in the 5th. The question comes down to a WR in the 3rd. Watkins, Baldwin or Demaryius based on roster construction? Any help and ideas would be well appreciated!


Go with Thomas and the best available RB. Thomas’s safe weekly floor is a great compliment to Pryor. Probably Fournette for the rb.


Should I go with Gurley then Thomas? I can’t see myself taking Baldwin and Thomas and going with Hyde as my RB2


Look, don’t corner yourself into a plan that you have to take a rb. You never knows who will fall to you. I drafted for a league last week and DeMarco Murray fell to me with the 20th pick. If your draft goes RB heavy you might be able to nab Michael Thomas with your 2nd pick. As far as a wr, I like Hilton and Cooper better than Demaryius. You may want to consider Gronk with your 2nd or 3rd pick. Endless possibilities.


If all 5, DT Watkins Baldwin Gurley & fournette, are available. Take the RB first, that way you don’t risk them both getting drafted and you being unbalanced or taking an RB you don’t want.