2nd Keeper Help Please

12 team .5ppr league where I’m picking 11th. Already keeping JuJu for a 16th and need to choose between Deshaun Watson for a 15th or Sony Michel for an 8th. Thanks in advance

Sony for an 8th is the way to go…he will have a solid season and you can replace qb easier then you can replace rb2


I agree - Sony for an 8th.

when looking at keepers, im always going to lean in the favor of RBs and WRs over QBs and TEs. even if the value is way better for the QB or TE. there are always exceptions to every rule… but not in this case. im not even a huge believer in sony, but im keeping him and his potential for sure.

DeShaun Watson is a top tier QB. Sony Michel is a low end RB1 at best. Realistically he’s probably an RB2 for this eason but he has much injury risk attached to him. You’re getting more value for Watson than Michel and the injury risk with him is scaring me off him entirely. I’d go with Watson.

just to argue this point a little… he is and was found in the late rounds. so was mahomes last year, and every year there is always some late round QB monster. QBs are easy to find and replace. what isnt, is good RB depth with RB1 potential in the 8th round. i get that if you just look at it apples for apples this looks like an obvious watson pick. but even with the risks involved with sony, im taking him because of positional scarcity with his high upside and youre still getting him at a 4 round value.

honestly i am fine with taking watson, this was just to give some perspectives to this because i do like this particular keeper question.

Having an elite talent QB that can have both a guaranteed high floor with the run game and is also an elite passer is a championship winning play. If you can get DeShaun Watson or Patrick Mahomes for free you almost have to do it. There’s nothing wrong with going Michel though, I’d just prefer Watson for this season with all the weapons and his team has a really rough schedule this season. You could draft either player at their ADP and retain the pick of the round of the other. So if you think they’re going in the same round plan to draft them there and keep the 8th round pick over the 15th obviously