2nd League! Looking to start up a 10 man league $20 entry League Safe

Creating the secondary league on ESPN with League Safe. Due to our closeness to the start of the season, there will be a 24 hour period to get your dues in League Safe. If your dues are not in by that time, you may lose your place in the league.

League details:

.5 PPR
1 QB
2 RB
2 WR
1 TE
1 D/ST
1 K
7 Bench
1 IR.

Draft style will be either snake or auction, depending on league vote!

If you’re interested, leave your email below!

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v.p.cugasi@gmail.com I’m interested in joining, any chance of making it 12 team? By the way I prefer the snake draft format

I’m interested. jboog215@gmail.com

Interested. MKiah09@gmail.com

Invites Sent!

I’m going to keep this a 10 man, since we are very close to the season starting.

Invites sent!

Invite on its way!

hey would love to join , ciangreenwood@outlook.com, snake draft preferred!

christopheralvarez24@yahoo.com Very interested, been a 3 year footclan member!

Snake draft preferred also

Interested! mirandalane26@gmail.com.

Snake draft preferred.

Interested if still free!


When is the draft if it’s next weekend I’m very interested

kobes6thring@gmail.com I’m in if there are any spots left

Portmessexpress@gmail.com interested if available

Send me an invite if there is room.

Wow, this is a lot of responses!

I am currently going through the backlog of responses, so if you are still interested in the league, you may have an invite heading your way!

I will post another message when positions are filled!

I’m looking to join another league. I may be a little late but if there’s still a spot I’m in. zrrl17@yahoo.com

Tarma, on the LeagueSafe website it says Pay deadline is September 2nd, I’ll be paying mine Friday morning (August 31st) if that’s cool. If not please let me know, my team name is Hernandez Pistol Offense.

Alright everyone, we have one position still available for this league!

A lot of time has passed since the initial posting, so if you’re still interested in joining this league please let me know!