2nd overall pick- Help at the 2/3

12 man .5 PPR- 2nd Overall

Opinions Appreciated:

I’m looking at the 23/26 picks and considering going back to back RB. I’ll already have Barkley and would be staring at DJ, Carson, Gordon or Bell. The alternative would be Kittle/Golladay. I know my league mates draft tendencies and RBs go very quick so there’s a chance that 1 or 2 of these wouldn’t be on the board, and there’s no chance they survive until my 4/5 rounds. If it played out where I take Carson/DJ I could look at Chark/McLaurin unless someone higher falls which is likely.

Thanks for your input!

I would definitely take Carson and then try for Kittle. There are a lot of good WR in the draft. But if you don’t take Kittle I would take Golladay-DJ in that order.

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