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2nd overall pick in PPR 1 Keeper league Draft


Hey I have the second pick in my main league. I am keeping Jordan Howard (for a 15th round pick, picked up in FA got lucky.) LeVeon Bell is already being kept so I have to decide between:

Zeke Elliott
Antonio Brown

The other keepers in the league at the RB position are:
Demarco Murray
Jay Ajayi
Melvin Gordon

Thanks for the help guys!


im definitely scooping up zeke and using that RB duo to start my team for sure. so many values at WR later in the draft you will be perfectly fine

2nd round: Cooper if possible
3rd round: baldwin if possible

and you’re set then take best player available based off tiers and your rankings


Zeke and Howard to start a draft is pretty solid. Should give you upper hand in scarce position.