2nd pick in dynasty startup?

Who are you taking? Gurley is gone. .5 ppr

for me, its zeke. top 3 RB, young, with all the potential in the world to keep on being that top talent. has quite a few years and reps on bell. if you want a WR, it kind of becomes a tough toss up on hopkins VS OBJ. hopkins has a QB that should be there for a long long time (unless re RG3s us) and has every bit of chance to stay at a high level. only a year older than OBJ who has to worry about who is next after manning. he might end up in what hopkins situation was up until last year. a whos who of awful talent. can still produce if thats the case, yeah just like hopkins did. but add in the potential sensation that is barkley and they may not lean on OBJ like they had to with hopkins. either one is a great choice, but i think mine would be hopkins, just to bypass any future risks.

overall though, i always go with gurley or zeke in the top 2 choices of a dynasty startup. some people call me crazy, but 1.01 i go zeke. i want that stud RB on my team, even if they will produce more but over a shorter period of time. its so hard to find, so why not take it? thats my 2 cents anyway.

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Thanks. Thought Zeke but I thought I’d get some expert opinions :grin:

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haha dont you worry, there will be some people here shortly i would guess that are going to make a case for OBJ. so you should get perspective on both ideals and situations.

Nah I always like to go rb first

We are confidently going w/the BRONX NATIVE on this one! If David J and Zeke Elliot can put up #s like they have early on in their careers, there’s no reason to believe that Barkley can’t join/beat them.

People may shout, well the situation of there’s is different, blah blah. One thing I know is that David J missed a year and Zeke will defs have another off field situation at some point in his career. Yes dallas got a great off line blah blah and yes David J injury was a wrist blah blah.

No doubt it’s risky in year 1, but the Barry Sanders like comparisons exist. He moves so fluid, flashing speed and strength w/great hands. Ridiculous combine. W/ODB lightning quickness and blazing speed on the outside, plenty of underneath receiving options will open up. Heck he may finish w/Giants 2nd best receiving #s in all 3 receiving cats, NUFF said!

This Barkley bandwagon is Official, sign us up. Currently only got Gurley & Bell in front of him on our boards. Doesn’t matter the scoring format for us. In Dynasty formats, we got Barkley 2nd.