2nd Pick Need Opinions

I am in a PPR format. I know that the guy picking first is getting Barkley so I must decide between Kamara and Mccaffery. The draft kit’s top 200 rankings for PPR have Kamara as #1 and Mccafrey at #2 but I feel like it is up for debate

So should I draft Kamara or CMC and why?

I am in the same exact spot. I can literally make a case for and against either of these guys. It changes by the minute it seems, but as of right now I am going CMC. I think both he and Kamara could easily finish as the RB1 on the year. My concern is some regression in Kamara’s TD efficiency and also Lat Murray taking goal line touches away. I trust NOLA offense more than CAR but I just think that CMC’s workload is so solid and I expect positive regression for Cam and that offense that it makes sense to go CMC. Good luck!

Thanks I appreciate your opinion, good luck to you too!

I’ve got the #1 in mone and will pick CMC. had he not rested week 17, he’d have been #1 in ppr.
so if hes there at 2 id pick him