2nd pick startup Dynasty League. Are Barkley and CMC locked in targets?

As said before is Barkley or CMC a locked in pick? Is there anyone you’d take over the two? What would your strategy be?

CMC is def locked in. Barkley is great but you could go Elliot or Kamara over him is you’d rather a RB on a better offense. I think after CMC those 3 are prettier interchangeable. I’d probably rank them Elliot, Barkley, Kamara (Kamara 4 because of touches).

That’s what I’m thinking. Not sure who the #1 pick will take but I’m trying to decide how to play it out. It’s a 3 WR league in standard format as well which makes it interesting.

3 WRs doesn’t mean as much if it standard. But the fact that it is standard makes me lean Elliot a bit more. Barkley will have more catches and probably touches. But Elliot will has a much better online and will have more scoring opportunities.