2ND place or blow it up?

In our league, my buddy has a looooooooaded team (Wentz, Goff, Mahomes, Garrapolo, Kamara, Gurley, Evans, Adams, Gordon, Guice and more). My team is good but not that good and not that young. Should I make small moves and shoot for 2nd place or blow it up? Superflex Best ball 1/2 PPR format. Thanks for the advice!

You play to win the game! —Coach Herm Edwards

I’m baffled you even asked. Fantasy is a crap shoot every year, and while that team is loaded, you never know what may happen week to week. Especially week 16 in the title game! Injuries, regression, and a simple goose egg by one or two guys can shatter your team.

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I think you can rebuild and still try to win.

As an example, I have a dynasty team that was not very good last year - already mathematically eliminated from playoffs. Before the trade deadline I traded away AJ Green and other assets for 2018 rookie picks. At the time I though 2018 was a right off.

Then I traded some early firsts for quality vet running backs. Used my later firsts and seconds to grab rookie WR (Washington/Miller/Sutton). This year I am still trying to win. If my rookies hit then I have a chance. If they don’t then I still have high prospects to grow with or cycle for next year.

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For sure. Last year was our start-up and I went vet heavy to try to win. Fortunately, I do still have quality assets to work on a rebuild.

Totally agree with the second guy. How can you just give up when you have a good shot at winning. You’re one injury away from topping him. I try to win every year. Not doing so is a disservice to yourself and your league mates.

I see both of your points. In my other dynasty league, I blew it up and won the whole thing within two seasons but nothing is worse than watching your club tank all season for sure. I feel like there is a tremendous opportunity to build a club with this rookie class (RB, QB) and next year’s (at least at WR) and it’s our first rookie draft so I think there could be some tremendous value in the 2nd with owners drafting the QB’s so high in superflex.