2nd QB Dynasty Trade

12 Team Dynasty .5 PPR SuperFlex

Giving: Melvin Gordon

Getting: Phillip Lindsay & Gardner Minshew

My QBs: Watson, Rivers, Trubisky, Stidham, Tyrod
So 2nd QB is a little rough. Should I take the chance on Minshew? Or should I look elsewhere? 1.06 in the upcoming draft by the way.

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I wouldn’t make that trade, not big on Lindsay, and im sure there is a better trade that can be made to get a qb

In SF I do not really hate it, but it is not a slam dunk. I am high on the secret garden, but meh on Lindsay. With Melle up in the air, he is hard to tell. Might get a prime spot, but I think teams are drafting over paying this year.

That said, you might be able to get someone at the 1.06. It is possible guys fall or you just reach a bit. But all players are reaches until they show us something in the NFL frankly :wink:

In your case, I might still go QB at 1.06 regardless as those will be high value assets if they hit, and having that stable could be big if they vote through the expanded season. Just my thoughts, but I hope they help.

I think I lean the Lindsay/Minshew side. Not huge on either, but MG3 could end up on a committee, and he’s a volume back…its possible that he’s cooked for fantasy, which is a shame but that’s universe RB’s have to live in these days. Guess it ultimately depends on what you think MG3 will be this season.