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2nd round risks?


hey everyone!
iv been prepping for football season(as we all have) and noticed the 2nd round seems to be full of more risks than usual. Going by Yahoos ADP is skewd im sure but in my opinion Ajayi, Hilton, Thomas, Fornette are all projected early 2nd and McCaffrey going back of 2nd.

Am I crazy in wanting Dez over all these?

To me Ajayi’s numbers are skewd with these 3 200+yd games, taking out those 3 games and the 4 he didnt start his numbers were 157 caries for 573 rushing yards(3.6 yards per carry) 4 TDs and about 64 yards per game. To me that doesnt see worth while for the 1st pick in round 2.

I would appreciate some insight from people who are drafting him this high, are you banking on his 3 200+ yd games?



No I dont think so. Michael Thomas and hilton are 2 i put right around sex, and of those options those are the only three im lookin at. I’m not worried about a reinjury with dez.


Ya, im not worried about Dez injury risk either. To me Thomas is unproven being the #1 option and facing the top DB on each team, and Hiltons numbers dropped significantly with Moncrief back last season, hence why im surprised both these players are going ahead of Dez


Not crazy at all! Dez is healthy, cowboys have a very strong run game which the opposing defense has to focus on and Prescott will have gained in experience coming into his second season in the league.

I see have hilton and thomas as being roller coster rides with some monster weeks followed by very frustrating. Only one I would consider over Dez from your list is Ajayi based on who I got in first round.


Aqib Talib, Josh Norman twice, Patrick Peterson, Marcus Peters, Richard Sherman, Casey Hayward, & Janoris Jenkins twice.
That’s a list of 7 of the top ten corners of last year that Dez Bryant will be seeing this year to comprise 9 of his 16 games! Match that with a sophomore rookie QB who’s predicted to fall even a little bit and you have yourself a risky situation. Especially when injury has been looking his way the past couple of years. Me personally, I’m staying clear of Dez this year. He will produce, he’s Dez Bryant, but he’s not worth what else you could get around that round in my opinion. Give me Thomas, Hilton, or Ajayi. Fornette in standard.


I think you bring up some very valid points. That being said, i think a strong case could be made for Ajayi and Hilton having a better season than Dez, I personnaly don’t see it but who am I to really know until season starts.

As for Thomas and Fournette I can’t see myself making an argument drafting them over Dez. Fournette is a rookie on a team that finds ways to lose and be terrible evem when it seems impossible. They also will face very strong defense come fantasy playoffs (Seattle and Houston). Thomas has one of the best Qbs and should put up monster numbers but Brees does spread the ball around. He also will be entering is sophomore season and is unproven as the clear number 1 guy for targets.


You’re not crazy at all and I’ve noticed the same thing actually. However, I’ve also noticed that when I go top WR heavy in my mocks, I’m left with scraping the bottom of the barrel RB wise later on in the draft with plenty of decent WRs still on the board. RBs go high and they go early for reasons of scarcity. David Johnsons and Zeke Elliots don’t come around too often and they don’t last past the 1st round usually.

It’s all about your comfort level, but there’s a reason for the high risks in rounds 2+…because people are reaching for those top picks so they aren’t left completed depleted at one position.


You bring up a great point about dezs schedule, but he is such a dominant presence i dont think it affects him as much. Thats one grest thing about being a big and strong wr. Those great cover guys have a harder time than against an Antonio brown type. Brown is a fantastic route runner. Thars where he gets his yards and catches. Dez is just going to beat you up and take that ball away in tight coverage. He is the perfect reciever for dak. Someone he can just throw it at and its going to stick because he just wins fights. And don’t get me wrong, im not saying it won’t matter, i just think it won’t matter as much as it might seem.


What I would suggest is seeing Dez’s past statistics against corners of that nature.