2nd year $50 Footclan Dynasty leagues needs 1 owner

10 team league on fleaflicker Full PPR. $50 yearly league but $100 due upfront. Super active league with a slack channel to communicate.

This league has by-laws and i can share them with you if youre interested.

The team that needs an owner looks like this:

the core-

QB: Wentz, Carr

Rb: D. Cook, Henry, Guice, Barber

Wr: nuk, cooper, sutton, ridley, kirk

2019 Picks: 1.02, 1.09, 2.02, 3.02, 4.02

All of his 2020 picks as well.

Looking for an active owner who knows dynasty. Fun and competitive league, owner just got too busy with work

DM or message on the thread for more details

Hi there

This sounds great - I’m a Commish in a keeper league and looking for a dynasty league to join.

I live in London (Bonjour!), love NFL (watching Houston and Indy right now) and would be ace to join!

Because I am from the UK, I cannot use LeagueSafe - is that an issue?

Here is my email: talktoolly@gmail.com


Only 11 players in a dynasty league? :thinking::thinking:

its a 10 man league

I’m in a 10 man Dynasty league with a 30 man roster. What’s your point ?

oh i misunderstood your comment, theres 26 total roster spots with 2 taxi and 2 IR spots. Those are just the core of the team

Hi there

Is the team still available? When do you make a decision on the new owner?


Hey ive gotten some interest but no one has 100% confirmed.

We would like the decision to happen ASAP so we can get him in on our offseason talks, we just have to find someone who is dedicated and competitive

I would take the team ASAP - sounds great. How do I pay league fees? Wanna send me the by-laws?

Hey I’m pretty sure this is actually a league I’m also a member in. I just randomly came across this thread when I was scrolling the forum. I just wanted to say that it’s a great league and I’m looking forward to whoever joins us!

Awesome - I’m really hoping/trying to make that me!!!