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2nd Yr League looking for new and excited owners. Dont miss out!


$50 Leaguesafe.com buy in. Its a standard baller scoring league. Gotta love that half point. So get this I replace an owner who refused to set his line up last year. Just as he is replaced and Im getting everything finalized another person leaves. Well we replace him and, yep you guessed it, more ppl are leaving or failing to pay league fees. Now I have 3 rosters that include some very intriguing players (David Johnson, Shady, MT, Melvin Gordon, etc…) to hand out. Help me out footclan my league needs you. Email Me at chris.smith21usn@gmail.com for more details. The draft is next Sunday at 1830 hrs (630 PM) Central time. Good Luck and hope you get that #FootclanTitle just not this one lol. Hope to make you a league mate soon


Damn if it wasn’t labor day sunday


Well I figured most would have the Day off so it would be best since we
were about to have so many replacements.


Hey brother. I might be interested. Can I see the rosters? Also, the draft is just for rookies and free agents? I’d like to see the scoring too. Thanks.



Well we just filled up but ill save your email and send you all the info if
anything falls through.