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2QB 12-team standard scoring draft - can Luck be drafted ahead of Brown?


Hey footclan,
I’m from Germany and I’m a big fan of the show and i guess my question can be answered here :slight_smile:
I’m in a 12-team 2-QB league with my friends and i’m drafting in the 7th spot. I guess Rodgers, Brady, Brees, Johnson, Elliott and Bell will be gone, so i’m obviously choosing between Luck and Brown. As it is a 12-team 2QB league with 1 point per 20 passing yds instead of 25, -4 points for an int instead of -2 (passing TD is by the way 4 points as in standard scoring), and there are bonus points (2 for 100 rec, rush or 300 passing yds/game and additional 3 (total 5 bonus) pts for 200 rec, rush or 400 pass yds/game) - so QBs have a very high value in this league and as its not a ppr league, WRs are scoring much less points than QBs. In this league Rodgers had last season 400 points, Johnson 330 and Evans 220 (top scorers for each position with this scoring system)
I am completely desperate, because I know that Brown is absolutely elite on his position, but Luck is either QB3 or QB4 and in my eyes there are only 4 elite QBs in fantasy football this year.
So with this information i am leaning towards drafting Luck instead of Brown, but am I wrong with my opinion?

Thank you guys for your help :slight_smile:



I would have a look at the drop off between Elite and your next tier of QB/WR. And decide that way.
If the drop from elite to average is fairly low at QB I would take Brown and the other way around.

Grüße aus Sachsen-Anhalt :slight_smile:


thank you for your opinion :slight_smile:

yeah this is actually what i am thinking about and the main question seems to be how much better can brown be than last season, in which he scored nearly 220 points in our scoring system, for example WR7 had 200 points. so there is only a 20 point difference. luck scored 319 in 15 games, so lets say it would be 340 in 16 games, it would make him QB4, cousins had 331, i do not count brady because of the games he missed, so next are stafford and prescott with 300 points. so there is the 40 point difference which is also probable for this year. so i would need at least 3 TDs or 200 yds more from brown than last year, to have the advantage of 40 points on the position in comparison to players i could get in the next round. i do think with martavis bryant back it should be absolutely possible to have a much better season than last year - but with all the information, i think Luck is the safer option. But I’m not sure about my own opinion :smiley:
So the question could also be: how much better will luck be in comparison to other QBs ranked behind him, and how much better will Brown be in comparison to other WRs. So who dominates his position more if we take Rodgers, Brady and Brees out of the game?

Grüße aus NRW :smiley:


I would probably take Brown, because as you sayed he has upside with Bryant coming back. And I would factor in Lucks shoulder injury. If his shoulder mobility and or his throwing motion is getting worse during the season, he could decrease in production or he isn’t even playing one game or two. So I would feel more comfortable with Brown and Cousins or Stafford.
But I have to admit that I don’t like drafting QB’s early even in 2QB leagues.

Cheers ^^