2QB .5 PPC very deep roster league... draft advice

12 team league
Roster = 2QB, 4WR, 3RB, TE, flex (5 bench)

QB= 6pt TD throw, 1pt per 25yards, .5 pt per completion, 5 pt bonus 40+ yard TD throw

Players= 1 pt per reception, 6 points for TD, 1 point per 10 yards, 5 pt bonus 40+ yard TD catch/run

I’ve done the draft simulators, but I don’t know if I believe what I’m seeing… they have Mahomes and Jackson simulated as the first 2 picks. With murray, watson, and dak going late first… then Russell early 2nd.

Has anyone done a league similar to this? Are the QB’s really going to get hammered on early and often?!?
It seems the simulator shows that top 12 QBs go in the first 3 rounds… then sporadically continue to get picked.
So if I want 3 starting QBs, I have to take one in like 8,9, and 10… Goff, Tannehill, Darnold type of combo.

And I think having 3 guaranteed starters is a must… not only for the bye week… in case of an injury… the league is too heavy on QB points to risk Goff going down and my only option is to pickup his back-up and get Duck Hodges type of production… or get raked over the coals on a trade for a Fitzpatrick+Tua stack… having to take up valuable bench spot because need to have both for the inevitable switch to Tua later in the season. (similar situation with LA chargers)

I have first overall pick… so planning on going Cmac.

Nobody??? No complex critical thinkers out there?

QBs will go quick and early in this format. Must start 24 each week so it will get very thin.

That being said, I have no issue with anyone taking CMC at 1. Just make sure you get a QB coming back.