2QB, 6PT Passing TDs, 0.5PPR Draft Strategy

I’m in a 10 team league with 2QB scoring AND 6PT per passing TD. I’ve seen the late round QB draft strategy in 6PT passing TD leagues and I’ve also seen it to some extent in 2QB scoring as well. But, I’ve never seen any draft strategy suggestions for this league format. I’ve been in the league for 5 years now and the first 4 seasons, an average of 10 QBs are drafted over the first 3 rounds of the draft. I’m drafting at the turn this year (1.10+2.01) and DO NOT want to draft a quarterback until the third round. However, ALL my quarterback targets are among the top 14 in ADP and I’m not sure if my guys are going to fall to me at the back of the third round. AND if there’s a player who slipped (and in most of my mock drafts they seem to) how do I make sure I have QBs who are going to produce for me without sacrificing massive value in terms of flex production?