2QB draft strategies

Hey there, I’ve been playing fantasy football for years now and this year my league is switching to a 2QB format. Any tips for drafting? How does this change your outlook on going RB heavy at the start? I find myself following the Fantasy Footballers strategy of drafting a late round QB and am rethinking it now!

Thanks !

I recently did my first one with the first pick and wound up with CMC Mahomes and Lamar for my first 3 picks (8 man league) and I’m still pretty happy with the rest of my team

You will definitely see QB’s go sooner in a 2QB/Superflex format. Even more so in a 2QB since you have to start 2. If this is redraft and you are comfortable drafting QB’s later than the first few rounds then still could grab at least 1 stud RB. But also depends on what the rest of the starting roster spots are with regards to how many RB/WR/TE/Flex spots you have too.