2QB Draft strategy

I am in a 10 team, 2 QB, half PPR league. This pushes back the ADP of skill positions, so I have some nice options at the 1.09 and 2.02 picks. I am trying to weigh cost benefit of two different strategies. Typically I go RB/WR, but pretty often I’m provided with another stud RB at pick 2, and it forces me into a very tough decision.

I have done way too many mocks, and my typical core roster for the two strategies is below (Ignoring QB). Which do you like better/feel more comfortable with?
RB/WR: 1. Gordon 2. OBJ 3. McKinnon/Mixon 4. Fitz/Baldwin
RB/RB: 1. Gordon 2. Barkley 3. Theilen 4. Fitz/Baldwin

Out of those options I prefer Gordon/Barkley/Theilen/Baldwin.

Are you planning to punt on QB? Have you strategized if QBs go early?

Sorry, should have been a little more clear. When I said ignoring QB, I just meant that my QB strategy doesn’t change based on either of the strategies I’ve laid out. For the purpose of this post, I’m just concerned about the skill positions.

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RB/RB for sure.