2QB draft (zero RB strategy thoughts?)

Im picking in the 2 spot of a 1/2ppr league with 10 teams. In an attempt to keep players from hoarding QBs the commish dropped the bench to 5 from 6. Got a little crazy last year.

Anyway, I’ve done some mocks where I take Rodgers in the first round. (I know its early for a QB - just testing something out). Been able to snag Michael Thomas and Gronk with my 2 and 3 picks and then pick up another 2 WR before taking my second QB a third little later. Have started taking RBs around the 6/7 round and been liking the results. Been able to get RBs like Lynch/Jamaal Williams/Carson/Kerryon/Rob Kelly, etc. On the pass catcher side been able to stack up with players like Gronk/Thomas/Thielen/Cooper/Marvin Jones.

The idea of having my weekly roster stacked with Rodgers/Thomas/Gronk just seems so appealing. This is also on the sleeper App where only 2 other QBs are going in the first two rounds besides rodgers. I know in reality this will probably be closer to 5