2QB dynasty : Tyreek Hill for Trubisky

2QB half ppr dynasty :
Got this offer
I give Mitch Trubisky
I get Tyreek Hill

Seems to me like a clean win, what am I missing ?

I got Alex Smith, big Ben & Pat Mahomes as QBs

Seems like someone panicking and/or buying the Nagy/ARob hype. Or they need a QB badly. 3 QBs in a QB league is pretty light, but this is certainly tempting.

Coming from a bears fan who believes in Trubisky, i’d 100% make this trade

maybe im one of the few that believe this, but i dont see triskets doing great for fantasy. i think he will be a fine NFL QB, but he is someone i see hitting an average of something like 3200 yards and 24 TDs. nothing to sneeze at, but not exactly what you want for fantasy. i think you can find better options through the draft, and im not even a big fan of the QBs coming out this year. i would keep tyreek the freak, and find a QB rookie to work with.

oh crap i read that wrong initially. yeah do it lol.

Care to elaborate on why? He was quite the prolific passer in college and is in a QB friendly system with a ton of new talented pass catchers. 3200 and 24 wouldn’t shock me next year, but I don’t think you can make that call based on a rookie season with essentially no NFL caliber pass catchers on the roster and a coach who’s stick in 1985.

Because he reminds me of alex smith. An ok person to be for a real football team. but for fantasy, just not going to cut it as a week to week starter. In a 2 QB league he will be valuable, but I think you can find better value elsewhere. The upgrade in weapons is for sure good for him and he should do much better than last year. And he very well could have a year like smith did last year. But my guess, he will average much lower just like smith does.

Smith was pretty damn good in that same system (and with the first quality group of pass catches he’s had in his entire career) last year.

I also think watching a rookie in a talentless, unimaginative offense and coming to thr conclusion that ‘He’s Alex Smith, Career Dump-Off Artist’, is a bit of a stretch.

you use what info you have in front of you. And my eye test says he isn’t going to be a long bomber. He will be a dink and dunker with the occasional field pushing throw, just like Smith. So I dont think its a stretch, i think it’s pretty on point. But hey that’s just my opinion, it for sure ain’t gospel.