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2QB Dynasty: Tyrod, Jalen Richard, Quincy Enunwa <-> Goff, Kareem Hunt, Willie Snead


2QB, dynasty. Each QB would most likely ride the bench for their respective team, other than bye weeks. Who won this trade?


It is pretty close, but I like the Goff side for dynasty. Tyrod is better now, but I like God going forward and I think Snead will be a WR2 as long as Brees is the QB in New Orleans.


I agree it’s close, but my thought is that since both QB’s will be backups on either team, it really negates the value of the Tyrod side.


pretty easy for me. goff hunt and snead won.goff isnt a great option so far from his short showing last year. but hunt is a very good RB on a very good running team. and snead has drew brees for 2 more years or so. tyrod may be out of a job by game 6, jalen is sitting behind lynch for at least 2 years, and quincy is on the jets. and in a 2QB league every start matters so goff being the guy all year this year will be helpful. you essentially got three starters for the price of a potential starter, a potential guy to lose his job, and a guy who could be really really good… if he wasnt on the damned jets.


Goffery, Hunt, Snead.

I stand by this statement, Goff will never be a true NFL starter. Though Tyrod will be, Jalen isn’t giving you meaningful production. Enunwa is interesting, but I am still unsure of his value. He has talent, but talent doesn’t do much when it is in a dumpster and on fire.

On the other side, Hunt will be a starter who will produce and Snead will be a starter who will produce. So as far as players who will be in your starting line-up in the next 3 years…Enunwa vs Hunt and Snead. That is a trade I will take any day.