2QB League - need to Pivot

Started with Josh Allen and Fitzpatrick, but with Fitz out need to decide between Dalton, Jimmy G, and Heinicke tonight. Have Fields as my eventual QB2, but that’s the waiting game.

So basically: Dalton, Jimmy G, or Heinicke

Thanks in advance!

Out of those choices I like Jimmy G the most for a short term fix even with the matchup against the Eagles. Dalton barely looked down field last week, and personally I don’t trust Heinicke to start in a pinch this week.

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Thanks - I’m between him and Heinicke I think. My fear with Jimmy G is Lance may vulture a TD, but tough to tell.

Other thoughts?

Ok here’s my current plan. Right now I have Dalton and Heinicke - Jimmy G is on waivers, but he was undrafted and nobody’s picking him up. Moving Heinicke to bench - picking up Jimmy and dropping Dalton when waivers run Saturday morning.

That way I don’t myself in a situation where Dalton/Jimmy are replaced at same time and im left with just 2 playable QBs during bye weeks. Heinicke would have to be terrible in order to get benched for Allen.


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Well Heinicke played better than expected. Lance may vulture a TD but I think Jimmy G still has a great opportunity to get at least 2 TDs. I like your plan though. That is what I would do in that situation as well.

Yeah, was thinking the same thing when I saw the box score this morning…lol At least I know he has some potential when I need him on my bye weeks.

Thanks again for the feedback!