2QB league - replacing Cousins

I’m in a 2QB league; rolling with Hurts and Cousins right now. Cousins has started great, and I’m hoping to capitalize before the line collapses/Cook starts scoring/etc. Who’s someone I should shoot for with a slow start?

Herbert? Tannehill?

Cousins was the QB3 over the back half of 2020, once Jefferson came into his own, and not much has changed for him this season–so I’m curious why you’d be looking to replace him and not just riding his excellence to the Championship?

I’m mostly just worried it won’t continue. There hasn’t been a lot of talk about him and it seems very reliant on TDs. But if we are on board with him being what he has been through 2 weeks I am down for that too

What he has been for 2 weeks is a slight dropoff from what he was for the last 8 weeks of 2020–but I think it’s pretty safe to say that Cousins will easily return top 10 production over the course of the season at a minimum, with a handful of elite games thrown in.

Lots of people are dropping herb so I would definitely try for him, not sure you get him though. Tanne is similar in my mind to Kirk this season, and don’t really care about last season at all with the amount of change that occurred for both. Trying to capitalize on Kirk is smart.

No no, you SMOKE herb; you DROP acid.

I’d probably just stay with Cousins.

No one will value how well he’s actually playing enough to give you a fair return, so just be happy with the value and performance. If you’re not getting one of those top-5 guys, how much are you actually improving?

I don’t look at guys like Tanny or Herbert as really being any safer, that “improved” Vikings defense is anything but and I don’t fear many defenses on his schedule this year.