2QB League Streamer

I’m in a 2 QB league with 6 point TD scoring and I have Russel Wilson as my first QB. I lost Wentz and replaced him with Garapalo last week but i don’t want to play him this week because of his match up. And since it is a 2 QB league there is not many options on the waiver wire. Out of these guys which one would y’all pick? Trubisky, Cutler, Stanton, Yates, Kizer, or Osweiler?(I’m leaning towards Trubisky right now)

Who are your WRs? I ask because your QB decision could include being able to stack your WRs with their QB. This would double credit for yards and TDS.

Good luck.

I Have Crabtree, Josh Gordon, and Woods

I would eliminate cutler (probable bad weather and good defense) , osweiler may not even start if lynch is healthy,Kizer is against a very good defense and throws interceptions and fumbles. Of those remaining, I would choose Trudi sky. Cleveland has a very good running defense which can force Chicago to pass more this week.