2QB Start Decision

4pt per TD, Full PPR, 2 QB league:

I need help with selecting my 2nd QB to start.

Wentz- plays SF. He has been struggling, lack of weapons, but has a rushing floor.

Mullens- Plays the Eagles. Banged up offense and defense.

Derek Carr- Plays Buff. Buff has given up good Fantasy Points to opposing QBs (12th most)

Teddy Bridgewater- Plays AZ. AZ has a good defense.

Who do you think I should start?

Comes down to Carr vs Teddy Bridgewater to me. Both are mediocre QB’s and playing against middle-of-the-road defenses when it comes to QB stats. I think i’d gamble on Teddy having a better game than Carr, although it’s extremely close.

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