2rb 2wr and flex standard..Clueless

I hate saying it but a win and i avoid last place on the year… and the punishment/embarrassment that goes with it. Its a standard league and this week is some hard choices

M. Gordon, R. Jones, J.Williams,T. Coleman,K. Drake

D. Hopkins, A. Thielen, J. Brown, C. Ridley, T. Williams

Hopkins has the NE defense and Gilmore to deal with
Thielen is just coming back…
Coleman has baltimore.

currently leaning
Gordon, Williams
Thielen, Hopkins
R. Jones

Any help would be great really dont wanna finish last

Hello Below is some information on my opinion. I will give two lineups.

RB: M. Gordon, J Williams
WR: D. Hopkins, J Brown
Flex: T. Coleman

RB: M. gordon, J Williams
WR: D Hopkins, A. Thielen
Flex: J Brown

Just my opinion could be completely wrong and crazy lol

Honestly i appreciate any thoughts so getting two out of you is awesome. You dont like jones at all in it then it seems. My biggest worry is Hopkins after gilmore has shut down everyone he faces. And in standard league the catches dont matter so it makes it hard to trust anyone facing the NE defense

@Sith_Are_People_Too I know your model stays away from the skilled positions but you happen to wanna throw an opinion out for me?

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ronald jones i just a coin flip each week. could be 4 points could be 15. but not much over that unfortunately. not my fav.

The Jags have just let rbs run wild lately is the only reason im considering him Ive had your view point on him but looking at what Hyde Henry and Williams all did being over 100 yards on them and the 5 rushing tds in the last 3 games giving up.

Matchups this week are a headache if you ask me lol

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I have a spreadsheet I use to put in The Ballers consensus and individual flex rankings which helps me quickly set the lineups on all my teams. Sometimes I will override their rankings on the skill positions if I have a specific reason, but usually I trust them and all the investment they’ve made in their ranking algorithms. Here is the optimal lineup based on their rankings as of today (they do sometimes change through the week):
RB - Gordon, Jones
WR - Hopkins, Ridley
Flex - Brown

The only one that’s really close is Brown or Thielen in the Flex spot. Jason is quite a bit higher than the other two on Thielen, but it could be that Mike and Andy still have some injury risk built in. If Thielen is in and you’re comfortable with his health, you could pivot to him over Brown (I would).

Hope that helps!


It helps a ton that coleman isnt in there at all puts me at ease of bench him and drake. I think i like the first four but that flex spot is tough Brown Theilen and even Williams who seems to be a strong play too. I dont think i trust theilen’s health yet but then do you like the match up brown playing @dallas vs williams facing the titans @home

Having the ability to talk it out and a second opinion helps the second guessing like crazy so thanks again

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