2RBs for the price of 1?

His Carson and Penny for my D. Williams?
Dynasty PPR, I have Gordon, Kamara, Guice, and Connor.
Williams probably won’t see the field for me this year and he can easily lose his job since he sucks and his only value is being the KC RB. That being said, is the KC RB more or less valuable than the Seattle RB?

I’d rather have both Seattle backs than wiliams. he’s only exceling because he’s in a good offense. He had no legitimate back up to him last year so he got a ton of work.

I am in the camp that Hyde is going to get work, and that will detract from williams value. At least with this trade you get both guys that’ll handle 85-90% of the work in seattle. Even more if they don’t use a dedicated “mike davis role” guy in mckissic or procise.

I agree with Matty ! I think D.Williams value is too high at this time… I’d rather have 2 of the workhorses from one of the heaviest run offense of the league…


Wow. You need to smash the accept button now.

Williams is probably the better play this year if you believe that he stays the primary rb, about which I have severe reservations. But there is no chance that Damien Williams, the 27 year old undrafted free agent runningback that has done exactly nothing in his career until being the only healthy rb in KC, is the long term answer for the Chiefs. Penny, the 23 year old who Seattle just drafted in the first round, is probably the long term answer for the Seahawks, and by chance he isn’t, you’re being gifted Carson as well!

And on top of everything, you’re telling me you’re not even going to be starting Williams? This is a sell high opportunity if I have ever seen one.


Do it, my man. Get that Seattle running duo, it’s a very safe bet to have both those guys. We will be seeing a different Williams running the ball in KC pretty soon.

I’m amazed that anyone would be this adamant about acquiring Damien Williams, especially in dynasty. If he’s the Chiefs starter by this time next season, I will be shocked!

In fact, if he’s getting over 60% of the work by Week 10 I’ll be shocked. He’s not even a top 40 RB talent who’s never shown he can be a full-time starter, in an offense that’s forever searching to improve at the position. This is an auto-accept for me, no question!