2x2 RB Trade

My Martin and Kamara for his Howard and Ajayi. Having a tough time evaluating this one with Miami’s offense being putrid and Ajayi’s injury concerns, plus both Martin and Kamara have had their bye whereas Howard has not.

its 1/2 PPR and my other RBs are Hunt and Cohen

try to counter with martin and cohen but if he doesnt accept that then I wouldnt trade

I would do this for sure.

countered with Martin and Cohen for Howard and Ellington but he rejected, still going back and forth on the original offer

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The original all comes down to if you believe Ajayi will get better, he’s getting the volume that’s for sure.

I ended up taking the deal. I feel like it’s possible that last week was Kamara’s best game of the season with 10 receptions and a TD. I now own two parts of Miami’s offense in DeVante Parker and Ajayi. That isn’t going to help me sleep at night…