3/3 Fantasy Champ!

Last week of FF! I have Prescott and they have M. Bryant and Seals-Jones left… But I am up 120 points… I think I can call it…

Officially undefeated in Fantasy Championships!

Jesus. What is the rest of your team and who is on there’s? I only scored 120 points and look to win both my matchups.

It’s a 2-week match-up and I went into this week 40 points up. Got 170 last week and at 150 with Dak left to play this week.

They had a string of bad luck in the last game they lost Adams, Brown and Henry this week. And their backup starters from yesterday didn’t do them any favors (McKinnon, Thielen, Collins, Ravens)

QB: Dak
RB: Kamara, Hunt,
WR: Julio, Hill
TE: Gronk
Flex: Lewis
DST: Chargers
K: Gano

Is my winning roster

2 week matchup makes way more sense. I couldn’t think of any combo of players that would have given you that big of a lead through the morning goes alone.

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Yes… that would be NUTZ