3-4 4th seed, members are upset

I am 3-4 and I am the Fourth seed because I am the top of my division. People are saying this is unfair as they have better records. My league has 16 teams and 4 divisions, do you guys think this is fair?

Is what it is if that’s the rules. Normally takes a situation like that to make league changes that everyone can get on board with. Like a point system or something if the league is that deep.

Agreed, guys are just frustrated being 4-3 and being 9th seed and 10th. I do have more points than they do as well but they are not in my division so it does not play in. Thank you for your feedback, rules are rules.

Because it’s 16 teams, I like the 4 division thing, 2 or 4 wildcards or only 4 in the playoffs?

how many playoff teams? if it is only 4, I could see that being frustrating, but if 6 or 8 teams make playoffs, I don’t see a problem. rules are rules, so whatever the league agreed upon is how things will play out.

Every year my 10 team league somehow ends up with one division scoring twice as many point as the other (and I’m always in that division). I’ve never made the playoffs despite having the most points for 3 separate times.

It’s frustrating, but that’s just how it goes sometimes. I like playing because it helps me keep up with friends who have moved away.

At the end of the day it’s supposed to be FUN. If people aren’t having fun, then something needs to change.


8 in the playoffs, which I like because 4 is so limiting

8 teams do, so I personally think it is fair, but i can see the frustrations.

With 8 teams in the playoffs, they are just being whiny.

What do they do just put the top teams in one division and bad teams in a division? They need to mix that up. We don’t have set divisions but we schedule as though we did because each team has one opponent they play 3 times. So we set those ‘rivals’ based on how they finished at end of the year 1st vs 2nd, 3rd vs. 4th, etc. And then we seed them out. 1st and 2nd guys would never be in same division as 3rd/4th guys, etc… to try and keep it pretty balanced.

No - we shuffle them every year. It’s just bad luck I guess that all the good teams wind up in one division.

It’s full redraft, so it’s hard to tell who will have the best teams ahead of time. For instance, somehow a guy who exclusively autodrafts makes it to the playoffs every year. His teams are rarely all that good, but he hits enough boom games on players with no business winning a week that he’s at 5-2 this season and has won two championships.

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