3 Browns in my line up

Ugh…I already had Landry and Chubbs plugged in my line up and then the Gronk news came out. So I picked up Njoku. So now I have 3 Browns starting for me. I personally hate this but should I just relax about it?
…on a side note, I do have Fournette and am wondering if I should just replace Chubbs for him.

Anyone else stuck in a multi player from same team dilemma?

I feel your pain. I have the option of starting Mayfield or Trubisky and I’m leaning towards Mayfield. I have Jarvis in my lineup but since he’s been so inconsistent I’m wondering if I should replace him with Edelman and flex Duke Johnson.

oooooh…I think I would flex Duke. I think that game is gonna be all passing yards.

Maybe. But they were against a bigger offensive power last week and Chubb stilll saw 20 touches. Gotta pay attention to recent bias. I doubt duke gets 2 TDs in another game this season. Chubb efficiency stats have been unreal given that offensive line.