3 first round picks. Need guidance

I’m in a 1 player keeper league 12 teams. We allow draft picks trades so I was able to acquire 3 first rounds and 2 second round picks. (5 total )My keeper is saquon Barkley. So my question is should I go for best available players and stack my RB/WR or do I burn 2 picks on QB/TE and be just set in those positions. I know these are good problems to have but let me know if y’all have any advice/tips maybe a strategy im not even aware of. Thanks

Not sure I understand the question. Or the way you’re approaching it. Best player available doesn’t solely apply to RB/WR. Or preclude guys like Lamar Jackson and Travis Kelce.

I wouldn’t pigeon-whole myself into deciding positions before the draft. Using tiers, either from the Footballers or create you own, will dictate who you draft. Practice drafting with tiers if you’re not familiar/comfortable with that methodology. Having more picks in the first and second round would not change who or how I draft.

Normally my strategy would be never take a qb early. I have taken kelce before and it was great. So I guess I’m saying should I just stack WR/RB as my normal approach or should I target Lamar/Mahomes and kelce/ kittle

Is it a SF league?

If sf means standard then yes

SF represents superflex.

SF means superflex where you’re allowed to play a qb in a flex position.

I’d follow your board straight up.
If when you get to your 2nd rd picks, you have a TE or QB as your highest ranked players available then take them.
Trying to come away from those 5 picks with X number of WRs and Y number of RB will cause you to reach somewhere where you shouldn’t.
Plus it’s only a 12 team league.
There will be QBs left.
I got Daniel Jones in the 11th and Baker Mayfield in the 12th in a 14-teamer.
Have one of those two as your QB on top of 5 of the 1st 24 picks will put you in a good spot.

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it is not a superflex. thanks for the advice.

Nice work on the picks. I agree to just go BPA as much as possible, but since you’re asking strategy, here’s what I’d do in regards to the position if things wen’t my way:

1st round: 2 RBs and 1 top-5 WR
2nd round: 1 RB and 1 top-2 TE
3rd-4th round: 2 WRs (Thielen, Juju, DJ, Ridley, Woods, AJ Brown, Kupp, w/e)
5th round: Grab your 3-6 QB (Dak, Kyler, Wilson or Watson)

This will give you a roster of:

RB1 Flex
Top 6 QB with rushing upside

I’d stack RBs early because after Sanders there’s a huge drop after the top 8-12. WR is super deep and you can get great value into the 4th and 5th rounds. You might even be able to get one of those QBs in the 6th, but you’re playing with house money at this point so grab the guy you like early.