3 flex options, which do I start?

I need my bottom flex spot filled. I’m 5-2 and I’ve got a close match-up. The byepocalypse has limited my options.

Rob Kelley
Juju Smith-Schuster
Tarik Cohen

Who do you guys think I should start?

This is a 12-man standard scoring yahoo league

It’s out of cohen or juju I’m leaning juju just because cohen touches have been all over the place lately if Chicago can run the ball and control the clock then idk how much cohen will play

juju on that beat bobby. juju on it.

Cool, I gave juju the spot before I asked but wasn’t confident about it.

Thanks guys!
Good luck this week!

Juju or Rob.

Don’t like Cohen in standard at all.

Dallas is 16th against the run, but Det is 16th against the pass :slight_smile:

I come here for confirmation bias as well lol
Good Luck!