3 for 1 Trade

What yall think about this 3 -1 Trade

J. Mixon
M. Bryant


J. Howard?

Full PPR league

When considering any 2 or 3 for 1 trades, you should consider the players who will need to be dropped by the person receiving the extra players. Difficult to evaluate without that. Honestly I don’t love any of the players involved, but I’d probably lean Howard. I suspect the other three will be difficult to predict when they’re playable.

True. In this case I’d be the one receiving Howard. I’ve had Mixon and Abdullah for most of the season. I feel like neither one of them have any upside because of their offensive line. Whether they score a touchdown or not.

Exactly my point. So I guess thr questoion is: why would anyone take that trade?

Idk. They offered it to me lol

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Then you have to take it. I look at it as mixon for Howard

Yup. I took it. Pretty stoked!

Yea, take it