3 for 3 semi blockbuster trade

Hi all. I did a trade yesterday where I gave away Deshaun Watson, Russell Gage, and Jerrick McKinnon and received Carson Wentz, Steffon Diggs, and Antonio Gibson.

I wasn’t too high on a post-Hopkins Deshaun Watson and also have Gardner Minshew on my bench. Carson Wentz was just a throw in to make it 3 for 3. I plan on dropping him if he continues to stink it up. I thought it was a good trade for me because I was getting more depth (AJ Brown has been injured for me), but some of my league mates are saying I gave up too much in Deshaun Watson. I was also high on Antonio Gibson as well and was willing to give up a bit more for him.

My record is 2-0 and his is 0-2.

Here is my roster pre-trade:

Here is his roster pre-trade (he was a Saquon owner):

What do you all think?