3 for 3 swap

Hey everyone,

What’s up? I’m new to the forums as well as to the footclan!
I need help on a trade.

Jordy Nelson
Derrick Henry
Travis Kelce

Julio Jones
Adrian Peterson

I also have hilton, crabtree, j howard, d Johnson,
D jacks, thielen, c thompson, and reed.

I realise asj is one of the best pass catcher over at the jets offense and his target is increasing. Ap did go off but I’m not sure how consistent that’s going to be. Plus Nelson and gb just lost rogers for who knows how long. I know his still we 1 at gb but it’s too soon to guess how well Hundley and Nelson will do together. I’m on the fence on this one. A part of me feels like I’m getting the short stick.

Please help! Any advice would help. Sorry for the lengthy read. Lol

Welcome to the Clan!

For this trade I agree with your thinking. I don think I would do this trade.

Julio has been disappointing but I think he’ll come around.
Adrian Peterson went off and I would suggest to sell high, but Henry is not the answer.
Henry got 87 yards and a touchdown the last drive of the game. Yes Murray is hurt but at the best it will be a timeshare.
And I believe these TEs to be very close going forward. I’m big on ASJ the rest of the season

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Sweet I appreciate the input jordy! You right about Julio, I’m still sticking through with him hoping he’ll come around. As for Henry I’m not to sold on him.

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Good choice, just like @JordyWannaRideWitMe mentioned. Sell high on AP.

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