3 for 3 trade

I have Crowell & Murray (bleeech! :nauseated_face:), but my RB depth is good. I’m willing to sacrifice my depth to improve my RB1 or RB2. I was offered Gore, D Walker, and Agolohr for my Eifert, Tevin Coleman, and Tarik Cohen. Instant turn down? Was hoping to work on a deal for his Doug Freeman or Doug Baldwin. Should I off r Eifert for Walker straight up?

Please don’t do that trade. I would try for the Baldwin and I would to walker for EIFERT. he is already hurt :frowning:

Thinking about countering Eifert + Kendal Wright for Walker. Wright would be my throw away if I had to roster 2 TEs or is that just better because of Eifert’s upside?

If he turns down, is Eifert + Abdullah too much for Walker?

I would say that would be to much with Abdu getting 60% of snaps in a high powered offense. THis is tough but I would take TE swap for sure.