3 Keeper Auction Advice

$200 budget. I have:

  1. Kamara $2
  2. Chubb $5
  3. J. White $2
  4. Kelce $30

J. White and Kelce are about equal in terms of value. They would both go for $10-12 more. I have zero confidence Sony stays upright just like last season. Same for Burkhead. Worse case though I have a steady RB3 on the cheap.

Other hand, I cringe at spending that much on a TE but he’s probably worth it. I could probably get him for under $40. I think he stays on the board a little while.

Is this PPR? If it is, or even HPPR you should keep White. He finished RB7 lase season in PPR and you’re getting him at good value. I’d keep Kamara/Chubb/White and save up some extra cash to spend on big name guys…like Kelce.

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It’s PPR. That’s what I’m thinking. White is such a good value. Are people willing to pay $40 or more for Kelce? I don’t think he goes for that in most Auctions.

yep i agree. and i dont even think white will be near what he was last year. i have him as a low end RB2 with high end RB2 upside. too good of value at 2$ to pass up. same goes for chubb, and kamara. kelce at 30$ is just even value IMO, so let him go and get him back for that much if you wanted. or let someone else spend 45+ on him. im not spending more than 15% of my budget on a TE, no matter who he is.

I didn’t want to pay $30 for him last year but I had a lot of cash to burn. Not a bad move just meh. Really no value there. I paid about market price. Not even sure I would do it again. I can get two decent TE’s for that price.