3 Keeper - half ppr

Pick 3 - Half PPR

Kerryon Johnson in the 5th
Julian Edelman in the 7th
Kenny Golladay in the 11th
Mike Williams in the 12th

I’d go Kerryon, Edelman and Mike Williams, Williams vs Golladay is tough but I’m just not sold that Kenny G will be a elite WR in that offense or even out score Marvin Jones consistently. Plus I don’t think I want 2 starting pieces of the Detroit offense necessarily. Also the stability and consistency of Edelman pairs nicely with the book or bust huge TD game Williams has provided so far in his career

Ok things have changed a bit, I agree having 2 parts of the lions offense does scare me. Since I posted Josh Gordon has returned and our league has come out with more rules for keepers. If I keep someone this year in the 11-15 round next year i get to keep them again at +3. So Mike williams this year in the 12th, would turn into mike williams in the 9th next year. Golladay would be the 8th next year, 6-10 round is +2 so Edelman in the 5th and 2-5 is +1 Johnson the 4th next year. Makes me think more about keeping golladay and williams over edelman who will be less of a value next year as he is currently in the 4th and I dont see his adp improving at age 34, providing that williams and golladay keep their current adp or improve next year they could be a huge steal again, bu obviously it’s mostly about winning this year.