3 Keeper Help!

I’m in a PPR Superflex league that has 3 keepers. I drafted K. Murray and L. Jackson with my 10th and 12th round picks. I honestly didn’t have a good draft with skill positions so here are my best values. I’m obviously keeping Jackson with that 12th pick, so do I keep Murray as a 2nd QB, limiting a single skill position keeper or forego Murray and choose another Qb later? I want to keep my Jackson/Andrew stack since they’re great values but also thinking having Andrews as the only skill position keeper is probably a bad idea. Thoughts? Thanks in advance!

L. Bell (1)
J. Mixon (2)
A. Thielen (4)
D.J Moore (6)
K. Murray (10)
L. Jackson (12)
M. Andrews (17)

Personally with the value you are getting on Murray, Jackson, and Andrews, I would keep all 3 of those. Bell for a 1st is a hell no, Mixon in the 2nd is ok value, and D.J. Moore in the 6th, well WR is pretty replaceable once you get past the top few guys.

Plus with keeping the 2 QBs and a TE, you basically have those positions locked up and can just stock pile WR and RB throughout the draft and somewhere sprinkle in 1 more QB as well.

Yeah I’m not sure if I was overthinking the other two keepers. The value on Murray and Andrews are fantastic if they take a step forward

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I think you’ll enjoy the draft more too knowing you don’t have to worry about anything but the RB’s, WR’s and a 3rd QB. The weight will be lifted.